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2018 - John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship - Closed

2018 - John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is now closed.

Status: Closed
Applications open: CLOSED
Applications close: CLOSED

About this scholarship

Description/Applicant information

Academically gifted students who display John Curtin's qualities of vision, leadership and community service are eligible to be nominated for the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship.

This is Curtin University's most generous and prestigious future student scholarship. Students selected as John Curtin Undergraduate Scholars have excelled in a wide range of endeavours, and have lent their talents and energies to the community around them.

Please note:

Nomination form must be completed by a professional educator who can verify/support your academic excellence. Professional educators include school principal, TAFE lecturer etc.


Student type
  • Future Students
  • Health Sciences
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • Science & Engineering
  • Curtin Business School
  • Humanities
Course type
  • Undergraduate

Non-gender specific

  • Australian Citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • New Zealand Citizen
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa
Scholarship base
  • Merit Based
Maximum number awarded



The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship will provide one of the following options of support for the normal expected duration of the degree for which the scholarship is offered (based on a full-time study load of 100 credits per semester):

Once an option has been selected, it cannot be changed for subsequent years.


  • The cost of the student contribution fees* (this excludes SSAF) each semester 
  • $1,000 cash payment** per semester (based on a full-time study load of 100 credit points each semester) to assist with costs associated with studying and/or living expenses
  • A one-off*** payment of $6,000 towards an approved international study experience



  • $4,000 cash payment** per semester (based on a full-time study load of 100 credit points each semester) to assist with costs associated with studying and/or living expenses
  • A one-off*** payment of $6,000 towards an approved international study experience.


* The fee component of the scholarship will be paid directly to the student fee account in two instalments per year (paid prior to the census date relevant to each enrolled semester)

** Cash payments will be made approximately early-March and early-August each year

*** One-off payment for an approved international study experience will be made once approval for the exchange program has been granted and the request is forwarded to the scholarships office by the JCUS Co-ordinator



Scholars are required to undertake an approved international study experience.

The international study experience is to be arranged between the scholar and the JCUS Co-ordinator.

The experience must either:

  • Involve enrolling in an international study unit (study exchange) or career development such as an internship or placement (which can take place at the end of the course if necessary) and will earn academic credits towards the Curtin University degree.


  • Be an approved leadership or community development program. This program will need to be approved by the JCUS co-ordinator as well as the Associate Director, Support Services

Scholars will be required to provide a report or presentation at the conclusion of their international study experience.


Eligible courses

All undergraduate courses

Eligibility criteria

Nominees must meet ALL of the following criteria to be considered for a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian or New Zealand citizen
  • Selected Curtin University as a first preference through TISC to undertake an undergraduate degree by the scholarship closing date
    • Preferences must be confirmed by the closing date of this scholarship application, and remain unchanged until the scholarship is awarded
    • Applicants for this scholarship who change Curtin out of their first preference after the closing date will not be eligible to be considered for this scholarship
  • Able to demonstrate leadership qualities and engagement in community service


In addition to the above, nominees must be:

  • Current year 12 student in the top 5% of their high school's graduating year and be nominated by the school principal


  • Mature age person nominated by a professional educator who can verify their academic excellence

This scholarship is not deferrable - recipients must commence their course in 2018


Conditions that need to be met to keep your scholarship

Recipients must meet ALL of the following:

  • Remain enrolled in initial course of study
  • Maintain a full-time study load of 100 credit points each semester at Curtin University
  • Maintain a course weighted average (CWA) of at least 75 each semester
  • Pass all enrolled units each semester

Scholarship continuity is subject to meeting satisfactory academic progress as outlined above. Progress will be assessed at the end of each study period. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a recipient with unsatisfactory progress or who breaches the scholarship conditions shall be ineligible to retain the scholarship. Exceptional circumstances must be forwarded to and shall be at the discretion of the Scholarships Office.


Changes to enrolment

If a recipient intends to do any of the following they must also apply in writing to the Scholarships Office ( for approval BEFORE the change. The Scholarships Office will advise how the change will affect their scholarship.

  • Change from full-time enrolment
  • Leave of absence: Students must complete at least one semester of study before applying for a leave of absence from their scholarship. If approved, the maximum period of leave is 12 months.

Withdrawal or terminated from units or course: A recipient who withdraws from their units or course of study, or has been terminated from studies will become ineligible for continuation of the scholarship, will not receive any further payments and will be required to repay to Curtin University the stipend awarded for that study period if applicable.

How to apply

Application process

Step 1: Download

  • Nomination form and guide available to download from right hand side of this page 

Step 2: Complete

  • Nominator and nominee to complete nomination form
  • Important information such as formating and documentation requirements detailed in nomination guide

Step 3: Submit

  • Closing date listed at top of page and on nomination form
  • Late submissions will not be considered, therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early
  • Incomplete applications will be assessed as unsuccessful
  • Nomination form can be submitted by nominator or nominee
  • Please ensure nomination form has been signed

Step 4: Receipt

  • Application receipt sent within 10 working days of receiving nomination to:
    • Nominator via email listed on nomination form and
    • Nominee via email registered with TISC

Step 5: Assessment

  • Assessment commences as soon as applications close
  • Applications will be assessed by an assessment panel using the following criteria:
      • Academic excellence
      • Demonstrated leadership skills (within and outside of school parameters)
      • Demonstrated community involvement (within and outside of school parameters)
      • Nominee's essay 
      • Nominator's statement

Step 6: Outcome

  • Outcome sent to all nominees via email registered with TISC in early December (all successful and unsuccessful nominees will be notified)
  • Successful nominees sent scholarship offer pack via email in early-December
  • Nominators of successful recipients will be notified via email in early-December

Step 7: Acceptance

  • Successful nominees must return acceptance documents by mid-December

Please note:

  • Scholarship will be awarded if there are candidates of sufficient merit
  • Scholarship will commence from first semester of study
  • Scholarship is not transferrable to another university


Submission Methods:

In Person:

Curtin University
Scholarships Office
Buidling 101, Level
Kent Street


Form must be printed and signed before being submitted to the Scholarships Office.

Format must be in PDF - All other formats will NOT be accepted

Curtin University
Scholarships Office
Buidling 101, Level 1
GPO Box U1987

08 9266 3279
Please attach a front cover page containing
1. Student name
2. Curriculum Council/TISC number
3. Number of pages faxed

Please note:  All nominations must be signed by the nominator and nominee


Need more information?


Scholarships Office


T: (08) 9266 2992

Frequently Asked questions:



Further information

For more information about what scholarships you can apply for please visit our application profiles.

For advice on how to complete your application, please download the Application Guide.

Students may apply for as many scholarships as they are eligible for, and if successful, will be awarded the highest value scholarship. If students are successful in receiving an offer for more than one scholarship valued the same, they will have the opportunity to select their preferred scholarship. 

For further information about holding more than one scholarship contact


For advice on your Centrelink payments and how your scholarship could affect your payment please see  or contact a Centrelink Office.  If you require a letter about your scholarship for Centrelink, please contact the Scholarships Office. 


Generally scholarship money paid to full-time students is not treated as taxable income, however if your study load is less than 75 credits (part-time) your scholarship money is not tax exempt. Other than the full-time study requirement, the general rule is that scholarships are exempt from taxation unless:

  • It is a condition of the scholarship that a recipient is required to undertake activities that are of use, help or benefit to the scholarship provider - then the student is rendering a service by agreeing to undertake those activities;
  • An award is received by a student where the scholarship is not provided principally for educational purposes.
  • During or upon completion of the degree for which the scholarship is awarded a recipient is required to become, or shall continue to be, an employee of the funding body; or

The Australian Tax Office has a tool to help you determine if your scholarship is taxable.  For expert advice please contact the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant when completing your annual Tax Return.  If a letter regarding your scholarship is required for taxation purposes, please contact the Scholarships Office.


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