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Curtin University

John Curtin Scholarship

JCUS Recipientstudent

Name: Adrian Murdock
Studied: BSc (Nanotechnology)
with First Class Honours
Years: 2004-2007

"You can only imagine where it could take you."

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John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship
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"The scholarship for tomorrow's




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About the scholarship

The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is Curtin University's most generous and prestigious scholarship for future undergraduate students. Recipients selected as John Curtin Undergraduate Scholars have excelled in a wide range of endeavours, and have lent their talents and energies to the community around them.

The scholarship provides a supportive framework to develop students' unique qualities in not only academic achievement, but also community service, leadership and collaboration. The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship covers the cost of undergraduate education at Curtin University by providing an annual stipend of $2,000 and covering student fees or providing an annual stipend of $8,000. As part of the recipient's personal development, a further $6,000 for an approved international experience is provided.

Recipients of the scholarship are expected to work together and individually on a number of community projects, to encourage a sense of community outside and within the university.

John Curtin Undergraduate Scholars benefit from a number of opportunities, not available to other Curtin students, in the course of promoting Curtin's interests and philosophies. The Scholars represent the Curtin community, and are often called upon to attend and participate in events in an ambassadorial capacity. This provides numerous opportunities for networking and increases the profile of the Scholars, while improving their self-confidence. The Scholars are encouraged to be active in student-centred organisations, University boards, councils and committees for this same purpose.

From the Vice-Chancellor

"The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is Curtin's most prestigious future undergraduate student scholarship. In honouring a great leader of yesterday, the scholarship aims to support the great leaders of tomorrow, nurturing the ideals of vision, leadership and community service, which John Curtin so ably demonstrated. These are ideals to which the University is very strongly committed. This scholarship is highly sought after and our scholarship recipients - who span a wide range of disciplines - are demonstrating outstanding qualities and initiating projects, which I believe will be of great value to the community. I am very proud to be associated with this important initiative."

Professor Deborah Terry - Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University