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Undergraduate future student scholarships



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We know applying for a scholarship is a bit daunting, so this is a page to show all the different kinds of students that might apply for a scholarship, and how they go about it.

Future students


Jack, who wants to study Business Information

I am a permanent resident and have lived in Perth since my family moved to Australia. I took a couple of years out after high school to figure out what I want to do. I'm going to study a BComm in Business Information Technology and need a scholarship as I live independently. I'm on Centrelink and I have good grades from high school. I've done a lot of community service and undertaken some leadership roles.

I didn't get the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship but I was in the running for the others. I was given the CBS Innovation scholarship which was of higher value than the other scholarship that I applied for.


Amy from Albany

I am from Albany and moving to Perth is going to be expensive, so I hope to win a scholarship. I have just finished year 12 and am hoping for a good ATAR over 80.

I didn't get an ATAR of 96 so I wasn't able to receive the Curtin Excellence Scholarship. I was given the Harry Perkins Scholarship.

Current students


Louise had some unexpected finances

I am a second year student studying Geophysics. I have a good Course Weighted Average of 75. I have a job; I normally get by okay. I'm really interested in getting an industry scholarship. I would like to start networking and possibly get some work experience during vacation time.

I was unsuccessful in receiving the Quadrant Energy Geoscience Scholarship, however I was interviewed for the ConocoPhillips SPIRIT Scholarship and was successful!


Michael has found field work a drain on finances

I am a third year Health Sciences student. I'm an average student but I'm really struggling financially. I have some fieldwork this year and it is going to add additional costs. I don't have a job at the moment.

I was successful in getting the Curtin STAR Scholarship which will be a huge help as it will give me some work hours during each semester this year.


Sarah from Health Sciences

I just started my honours year in humanities. I'm a New Zealander and I have always managed to pay my way, but now I'm really struggling financially. I'm a single mum and with the work required to do well in my honours year I can't work any more hours.

I got the Jeanette Pedlow Memorial bursary as this was worth the most.