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Curtin University

Benefits of the JCUS

JCUS Recipientstudent

Name: Jordan Cutts
Studied: BA Media and Society
Years: 2009-2012

"The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is unlike any other."

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In the course of promoting Curtin University's interests and philosophies, John Curtin Undergraduate Scholars benefit from a number of opportunities not available to other Curtin students, in addition to financial and moral support.


The financial benefits to the JCUS include:


Being a JCUS provides a motivating learning environment, which encourages students to achieve their best, but also to balance study with other passions. While there is an expectation to maintain a course weighted average of at least 70, JCUS are mentored and supported should they feel that they are not achieving as well as they should.


Scholars receive numerous opportunities to further their potential career:


Each JCUS is allocated an older JCUS mentor from their faculty, to help them throughout their time at University.

The Mentors help first years to settle in, help scholars with time management and other issues, encourage students to achieve goals they have set for themselves, and help them to pursue their passions.

Personal development

At the beginning of the year, Scholars attend an orientation camp, facilitated by the Mentors and the JCUS Coordinator, to get to know their fellow scholars. This gives them an opportunity to develop a strong network of friends and colleagues to collaborate with.

The Mentors and monthly Scholar networking lunches further this personal development with goal settings, allowing them to make the most out of university life and follow their passion.


Scholars are given the opportunity to study in another country while gaining credit toward their Curtin degrees, and are supported with a $6000 grant for this purpose.