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Am I eligible?

JCUS Recipientstudent

Name: Sarah Henn
Studied: BSc (Laboratory Medicine)
Years: 2010-2014

"For me, being a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholar has meant so much more than getting paid to study."

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To be eligible for a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship, you are required to display strength in:

Academic excellence

Each John Curtin Undergraduate Scholar must continue to make satisfactory progress while studying at Curtin. To help them with this task, each scholar is provided with a mentor from their school of study. The student and their mentor meet regularly through the year, so the mentor can monitor and assist the scholar.


In the context of the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarships, leadership is seen as the ability to inspire others.

Examples of leadership in past applicants have included:

Scholarship recipients go on to further develop their leadership skills through Curtin activities and personally driven community projects. Scholars have been responsible for many leadership roles including the organisation of major community projects for the annual John Curtin Weekend, committee positions for Curtin Volunteers! (Curtin's student-run volunteer organisation) and also been involved in the John Curtin Leadership Academy.

Community service

Community service is a large part of the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship. As future community leaders, John Curtin Undergraduate Scholars are required to devote time and energy to the community around them.

To qualify for a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship, you need to be involved in your community as a

Scholars are required to continue this community service after receiving the scholarship. They participate in group activities such as visiting and helping at a remote Aboriginal communities, demonstrating their leadership qualities in the annual John Curtin Weekend community activities and many on-campus charity fund-raising ventures.