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From the Vice-Chancellor

"The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is Curtin's most prestigious future student scholarship. In honouring a great leader of yesterday, the scholarship aims to support the great leaders of tomorrow, nurturing the ideals of vision, leadership and community service which John Curtin so ably demonstrated. These are ideals to which the University is very strongly committed."

Professor Deborah Terry
Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University

studentName: Scott Morgan
Studied: Computer Systems Engineering, now a Control Systems Engineer
Years: 2002-2006

This is more than your average scholarship. It is more than an exceptional award to list on your resume. It is, in fact, a path, which leads to countless opportunities to connect, grow and make a difference. Surrounded by other students with great capacities for learning, leadership and personal development, you will be in some of the best company the University can offer. This scholarship helped to change my life because I took the opportunities that were presented to me. I cannot recommend the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship highly enough.

studentName: Jordan Cutts,
Studied: BA Media and Society (Journalism Major)
Years: 2009-2012

The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship is unlike any other. Scholars are given the chance to embark on an international exchange, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Removing yourself from the familiar and living in a foreign environment allows you to absorb new cultures and enables you to meet people from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds. In the end you gain both a heightened appreciation of other cultures, as well as your own. While fun and exciting, studying abroad is a unique, life-changing experience that will help you grow not only personally and academically, but will prepare you for your chosen career path.

studentName: Sarah Henn
Studied: BSc (Laboratory Medicine)
Years: 2010-2014

For me, being a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholar has meant so much more than getting paid to study. From the day you are awarded your scholarship you are set up with the best foundation for University, as you are provided with a range of opportunities each of which allow you to develop skills that set you apart from other graduates. The supportive, friendly environment, monthly lunches focussed on topics for personal development, such as public speaking and resume writing and the close connections with Curtin Volunteers, the John Curtin Leadership Academy and other University programs, ensure that JCUS recipients are very well looked after. The Mentor program also ensures that JCUS are supported throughout their studies and are encouraged to follow their passions to achieve their full potential, setting them up for an excellent future.

studentName: Adrian Murdock
Studied: BSc (Nanotechnology) with First Class Honours
Years: 2004 - 2007
Currently studying a Doctor of Philosophy in Materials at University of Oxford, specialising in the large-area growth of graphene on copper.

Having graduated from Curtin University as a John Curtin Undergraduate Scholar (JCUS) in 2007 and now studying at Oxford, I feel that I can appreciate a number of aspects of the scholarship.

Firstly, it is worth saying that the financial rewards you receive are of great benefit not only while you are studying; it's a massive bonus to be free of a HECS debt upon graduating. With no financial limitations at the end of your degree the scholarship puts you one step ahead of other graduates.

However, what really sets the JCUS apart from other scholarships is the amazing foundation it offers to further expand your community involvement, leadership skills and academic capacities. JCUS are provided with new opportunities and skills training that the average student would not receive at University. You are continually encouraged to extend yourself with new programs that lead you to graduating with an outstanding CV that enhances your career prospects. For example, being involved Curtin Volunteers!, in particular somehow managing to coordinate 400 volunteers during John Curtin Weekend, helped me to develop my project management skills, which now seem like second nature.

Of course, the other great JCUS experience is the international exchange program. The international experience of studying and travelling overseas makes you realise that you’re not just a student at a university in Western Australia, but that the knowledge and skills you gain at Curtin University can be applied worldwide. Personally, without going on exchange, I would never have applied to Oxford University. You realise that as a JCUS you're integrated into a group of scholars not only at the Curtin, but also with Alumni who are located in fantastic careers all over the world, and that opportunity awaits you upon graduation.

This Scholarship has given me the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s best scientists at Oxford in the fast paced field of nanotechnology. The experiences that I am having now are sure to influence the direction of my career, and it's fair to say that none of this would have been possible without JCUS. If you think you fit the criteria then I can’t encourage you strongly enough to apply for a JCUS, you can only imagine where it could take you.