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What scholarships can I apply for?

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Want to know what scholarships
you can apply for?

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Searching for scholarships

To find the most appropriate scholarship for their situation, current and future students are encouraged to do the following:

Please note that full details and application forms (where required) are shown only for scholarships that are open.

Scholarships email alert

The Scholarships Email Alert is a free email subscription service that is offered by the Scholarships Office to keep you informed on when scholarships open for application. All current and future students can sign up by filling out the short online subscription form. Once you have subscribed, you will receive an email alert whenever a scholarship that matches your criteria opens, or is about to close.

When can I apply?

Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate future students normally open in August respectively of the year before study commences. Scholarships for all current students normally open in October prior to semester one and June prior to semester two.

What are the requirements for an application?

Each scholarship will have specific eligibility requirements for application, all of which will need to be met in order to apply - these will be provided in the web entry for each scholarship.

Eligibility criteria could include some of the following:

Merit based scholarships are primarily based on academic performance. The 'excellences' are decided solely upon academic performance - achieving a designated ATAR score and conforming to Curtin’s application requirements are the criteria. Industry/business funded scholarships often require an applicant to have good academic results and also be able to demonstrate why they are interested in their studies and that company.

Need based scholarships are designed to assist students who may be disadvantaged through personal circumstances that affect their ability to access higher education, including financial, geographical, social and other circumstances (low SES).