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Maintaining your scholarship

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Conditions that need to be met to keep your undergraduate/postgraduate coursework scholarship

Some considerations for maintaining your scholarship include:

Each semester, the Scholarships Office conducts a review of the conditions that need to be met to keep your scholarship. The requirements of your scholarship are detailed in your scholarship Terms and Conditions. These can include things such as maintaining enrolment in a particular course and obtaining a particular CWA.

You will be notified through your OCC (Official Communications Channel) if you have not met the requirements of your scholarship.

For continuing scholarships (more than two payments), should you not meet the minimum academic requirement, your scholarship will be placed on breached status for the next semester. Should your academic standing not improve in the following semester, the scholarship will be terminated unless there are exceptional circumstances. This will need to be approved by the Scholarships Office.

Minimum academic standing for undergraduate/postgraduate coursework

The minimum academic standard varies from scholarship to scholarship. These requirements are detailed in the Terms and Conditions given to you when you receive the scholarship.

What happens if I fail a unit?

Most scholarships, unless specified otherwise, will cover the normal expected credits of your degree. For example, if you enrol in a Bachelor of Commerce (600 credit points), the scholarship will cover just the 600 credit points. Therefore, if you fail a unit you will be responsible for any additional fees or expenses relating to repeating that failed unit.

Commonwealth Scholarships for a Bachelor’s degree pay a total of eight allocations (effectively eight semesters of study); any study that results from a failed unit beyond eight semesters will be at the student's cost.

Financial status

If your financial situation changes, you are required to advise the Scholarships Office immediately.