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Curtin University


Application process

A designated Scholarships Officer will be the first point of contact for student loan matters.

For the purposes of this policy, the Scholarships Officer responsible for the administration of Emergency Student Loans is referred to as a Loans Officer.

The student must book an interview time with the Loans Officer located at the Student Services Scholarships Office, Student Services, Building 101. If attendance at the Bentley campus is not possible, the interview may be conducted by other means as deemed appropriate by the Loans Officer. The Loans Officer will provide the relevant application paperwork to the applicant prior to the interview.

Before attending the interview the applicant must:

The applicant should then consult with the Loans Officer and provide all supporting documentation that demonstrates financial need during the interview.

Documentation requirements

To be considered for a loan, the student must provide, where requested:

The type of documentation required to support a loan application may include, but is not limited to:

Student support

Students who experience difficulties that impact adversely on their loan repayments should contact the Loans Officer immediately for advice on their situation.

Students may also seek additional support from the Counselling and Health Services, Guild Student Assist, Student Advisors and/or the Student Service Centre at Bentley campus.