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2018 - Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship - Closed

2018 - Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship is now closed.

Status: Closed
Applications open: CLOSED
Applications close: CLOSED

About this scholarship

Description/Applicant information

The prestigious Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship has been developed by Curtin University to encourage, support, and acknowledge academically outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of leadership, community service, sport, arts/culture or entrepreneurship.

Student type
  • Current Students
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Health Sciences
  • Science & Engineering
  • Humanities
Course type
  • Undergraduate

Non-gender specific

  • Australian Citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • New Zealand Citizen
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa
Scholarship base
  • Merit Based

The Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship will provide the following support for the expected remaining duration of the undergraduate degree (based on a full-time study load of 100 credits per semester).

  • A total value of $12,000 per annum paid as a cash stipend of $6,000 per semester. The amount can be used at the recipient’s discretion to contribute towards educational related expenses
  • One-off payment of $6,000 for an international student exchange/leadership development opportunity and networking. Payment is subject to enrolment/admission to the recipient's intended program.
Eligible courses

All undergraduate courses

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria to be eligible for the Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship:

  • Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (PR visa holder), New Zealand citizen, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder
  • Enrolled in, or received an offer of admission into a Curtin undergraduate course at Curtin University (Bentley Campus) by the scholarship closing date; which upon completion, their qualification will be awarded by Curtin University
  • Enrolled at Curtin in Semester 1, 2018
  • Have completed and passed 200 credits (or equivalent) of study in an undergraduate degree by the end of Semester 2, 2017:
    • Applications from students who have only completed 100 credits by the closing date of the scholarship will be accepted
    • Academic checks will be conducted at results release in Semester 2, 2017 and applicants who do not meet the criteria at that point in time will be ineligible to be considered for the scholarship
    • Applicants who commenced at Curtin in Semester 2, 2017, who have completed the equivalent of 100 credits at another institution will still be considered for the scholarship, provided that they have completed and passed a minimum of 200 credits as at results release in Semester 2, 2017
  • CWA of 80 and a SWA of 85 by results release for Semester 2, 2017
    • Applicants who have met the CWA and SWA criteria at the time of application, but no longer meet the CWA and SWA criteria upon results release in Semester 2, 2017 will be ineligible to be considered for the scholarship
  • Be able to demonstrate excellence in one (or more) of the following:
    • Leadership
    • Community service
    • Sport
    • Arts/Culture
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Must not be in receipt of another Curtin scholarship

Please note:

Students below are not eligible for this scholarship:

  • Enrolled through OUA
  • Enrolled in a not-for-degree course
  • Students from all other institutions who are enrolled in a Curtin course as part of an exchange program or cross-institutional studies where their qualification will be awarded by their home institution

Current Students

  • For current Curtin students, as well as satisfying the eligibility criteria above, applicants must also satisfy the CWA criterion to be considered eligible
  • Applicants must have a minimum CWA of 80 at the time of submitting their application, and a SWA of 85 by the closing date of the scholarship
  • For applicants transferring courses and receiving CRL for units previously undertaken, it is the applicants responsibility to ensure that their CRL is completed by the date of the scholarship closing so that they meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants who do not have CRL finalised by the scholarship closing date, and therefore do not meet the completion of course credits will not be considered
Conditions that need to be met to keep your scholarship

Recipients must meet ALL of the following:

  • Remain enrolled in an undergraduate course
  • Maintain a full time study load of at least 100 credit points each semester at Curtin University
  • Maintain a course weighted average (CWA) of 80 or above each semester
  • Maintain a semester weighted average (SWA) 85 or above each semester
  • Pass all units attempted each semester

Scholarship continuity is subject to meeting satisfactory academic progress as outlined above. Progress will be assessed at the end of each study period.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a recipient with unsatisfactory progress or who breaches the scholarship conditions shall be ineligible to retain the scholarship. Exceptional circumstances must be forwarded to and shall be at the discretion of the Scholarships Office.

Changes to enrolment

If a recipient intends to do any of the following they must also apply in writing to the Scholarships Office ( for approval BEFORE the change. The Scholarships Office will advise how the change will affect their scholarship.

  • Change from full-time enrolment
  • Change of course
  • Leave of absence: If approved the maximum period of leave is 12 months

Withdrawal or Terminated from units or course: A recipient who withdraws from their units or course of study, or has been terminated from studies will become ineligible for continuation of the scholarship, will not receive any further payments and will be required to repay to Curtin University the stipend awarded for that study period if applicable.

How to apply

Application process

Step 1: Apply

  • Application form can be accessed via the ‘Apply Online’ button on the top right-hand side of this page
  • The link will take you through to your OASIS account log-in for online application

Step 2: Complete

  • Complete the application form online
  • Application form can be saved at any point of the process
  • Tips on how to complete your application can be found under the ‘Application Advice’ tab on the scholarships website

Step 3: Submit

  • Closing date listed at top of page and within scholarships channel on OASIS
  • Incomplete applications will bge assessed as ineligible
  • Once submitted, application status will change to submitted


If you are applying for multiple current student scholarships concurrently using the online system, where the other scholarship closing dates are later than the Don Watts High Achiever Scholarship (DWHAS) closing date, you will need to submit your entire application by the DWHAS closing date in order for your DWHAS application to be considered.

Step 4: Receipt

  • Application receipt will be sent to student email once application has been submitted

Step 5: Assessment

  • Applications will be assessed by an assessment panel using the following criteria:
      • Responses to questions in application form
      • Academic merit
      • Interview performance (for shortlisted applicants)

Step 6: Shortlist for Interview

  • Shortlisted applicants sent interview date and time via student email mid January 2018
  • Interviews are tentatively scheduled for 30 - 31 January  2018, however, please note that this is subject to change
  • Shortlisted applicants must be available for designated interview time
  • Unsuccessful applicants sent notification via Official Communications Channel

Step 7: Outcome

  • Successful and unsuccessful interview applicants notified of outcome via Official Communications Channel within approx. 2 weeks of interview

Step 8: Acceptance

  • Successful applicants must return acceptance documents by deadline listed in Official Communication

Please note:

  • Scholarship will be awarded if there are applicants of sufficient merit
  • Scholarship will commence from first semester of study
  • Scholarship is not transferrable to another major, course or university




Need more information?


Scholarships Office


Telephone: (08) 9266 2992

Frequently Asked questions:

Further information

For more information about what scholarships you can apply for please visit our application profiles.

For advice on how to complete your application, please download the Application Guide.

Students may apply for as many scholarships as they are eligible for however, will only be awarded up to one Curtin funded continuing scholarship.  A continuing scholarship is defined as a scholarship that has more than two payments.  A Curtin funded scholarship is a scholarship that is solely funded by Curtin.

For further information about holding more than one scholarship contact


For advice on your Centrelink payments and how your scholarship could affect your payment please see  or contact a Centrelink Office.  If you require a letter about your scholarship for Centrelink, please contact the Scholarships Office. 


Generally scholarship money paid to full-time students is not treated as taxable income, however if your study load is less than 75 credits (part-time) your scholarship money is not tax exempt. Other than the full-time study requirement, the general rule is that scholarships are exempt from taxation unless:

  • It is a condition of the scholarship that a recipient is required to undertake activities that are of use, help or benefit to the scholarship provider - then the student is rendering a service by agreeing to undertake those activities;
  • An award is received by a student where the scholarship is not provided principally for educational purposes.
  • During or upon completion of the degree for which the scholarship is awarded a candidate is required to become, or shall continue to be, an employee of the funding body; or

The Australian Tax Office has a tool to help you determine if your scholarship is taxable.  For expert advice please contact the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant when completing your annual Tax Return.  If a letter regarding your scholarship is required for taxation purposes, please contact the Scholarships Office.

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