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Establishing a research scholarship

Sponsoring a scholarship



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Setting up a postgraduate research scholarship is straightforward - please contact the Higher Degree by Research Scholarships Office with an outline of your proposal.

The following areas provide you with general guidelines and conditions of award regulating the administration of Scholarships funded by Curtin Schools/Departments or external funding bodies.

Nature of the award

Scholarships may be established in three categories:

It is not possible for a student to hold two major scholarships simultaneously. However, many major awards allow candidates to receive an additional supplementary scholarship. Supplementary awards should not exceed 75% of the value of the primary award. It should be noted that some scholarships and supplementary awards cannot be held in conjunction with other awards. Eligibility to hold two supplementary awards should be verified prior to offer.

Research grant holders should be aware that international students are liable for tuition fees that may be in the vicinity of $20,000 per annum. Payment of fees cannot be made through scholarships funded from ARC grants. However the head of the enrolling area may wish to provide a tuition fee waiver. If this is the case, please contact the Scholarships Office.


The Scholarships Office only undertake internal promotion, including promotion on the Scholarships website and E-News. To advertise a scholarship/award please complete the Web Advert Template.

Terms and Conditions

It is an Auditors requirement that all scholarships are governed by a set of Conditions of Award. However, the Conditions of Award for each scholarship is dependent on the source of the funding. Please contact the Scholarships Office for further information.

The proposed level of study of the scholarship recipient must be at the Masters by Research or Doctoral level.

Please be aware that allowances such as relocation costs, additional sick leave, maternity leave and costs towards thesis preparation may be given, but are not a compulsory benefit. These allowances will increase the cost of the award to the enrolling area.

In the case of a full scholarship it is expected that the level of stipend be at least equivalent to that of the current APA award rate for the duration of their degree (or the balance thereof for enrolled students).

The tenure of an award is normally up to two years for a Master's by Research student and three years for a Doctoral student (or the balance thereof for enrolled students). Provision may be made for an extension of up to six months for PhD candidates.

Continuation of a scholarship is subject to:

Taxation of research scholarships

Details of the proposed scholarship may need to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation for determination of the tax status of the scholarship under the Income Tax Assessment Act. Applications to the Deputy Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office, will be made by the Manager, Financial Services for scholarships to be exempt from taxation unless it is deemed that:

Notification to applicants

Where a Department or Faculty has undertaken the advertising, and made the selection for a scholarship in open competition, the Department/Faculty must notify unsuccessful applicants. Letters to unsuccessful applicants should be issued promptly and a contact person should be designated to deal with any appeal by unsuccessful applicants.

It is the responsibility of Departments to ensure that the candidate(s) selected will be accepted into the degree program specified before notifying the Scholarships Office.

The Scholarships Office of Research and Development should be notified of the name of the successful applicant or applicants and the following details which are to be included in the letter of offer:

Payment will not commence until the student is enrolled and all documents have been received.

Other information

Availability of funding
Prior to advertising, approval should be obtained from the Head of the Area. The budget should be checked to determine that there are sufficient funds in the account to support the level of stipend to be specified.

The school or department in which the applicant is enrolled, or intends to enrol, would normally undertake selection. When an external funding body is involved selection, where appropriate, may be made in consultation with the funding body.

Application forms
Please provide information on how the application process will be managed.

Eligibility and minimum academic standards
Candidates must have enrolled full-time, or be eligible to enrol full-time, in a Higher Degree by Research at this University.

Intellectual property
Where the source of funding involves a government agency or an industry body, please check with the Research Management in the Office of Research and Development before finalising the scholarship.