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Curtin University

Wongatha Education Trust Scholarship

Patrick McGill

"The Wongatha Trust has helped me more than you would believe in 2017. By supporting me, the Trust has enabled me to be the best I can be"

Patrick McGill, Wongatha Education Trust recipient, awarded in 2017

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The Wongatha Education Trust Scholarship supports Aboriginal students who are entering their first year of university. The Wongatha Education Trust also invests in other initiatives that create opportunities for learning and development of Aboriginal people.

The Wongatha Education Trust was established in 2007 by Daniel Tucker and his wife, Lynley, to promote the importance of education and to support the learning of Australian Aboriginal peoples. The Wongatha Education Trust provides financial help to Aboriginal primary, secondary and tertiary students to help them reach their potential.

The Wongatha Education Trust Scholarship is awarded to first year Indigenous students and supports them for the duration of their undergraduate degree (up to a maximum of four years).