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Curtin University

WA Premier's Scholarship

WA Premier's Scholarship

"Actively promoting close professional and cultural relationships between Western Australia and Sarawak."


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The WA Premier's Scholarship has been established to encourage and support Malaysian students who have chosen to study Business, Engineering or Science at the Sarawak Campus, Curtin University.

The Western Australian Government is the State’s largest employer and serves the Western Australian community through the provision of a diverse range of essential services and support. The Government highly values its international relationships in the education sector and is committed to supporting international students.

The WA Premier's Scholarship is awarded on academic merit and community involvement to Malaysian undergraduate students enrolled in their final year of a Business, Engineering or Science degree at the Sarawak campus, Curtin University. The scholarship is awarded annually and enables five students to complete their final year of study at the Bentley Campus of Curtin University.