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Curtin’s diverse range of scholarships is available to both future and current undergraduate students and postgraduate students in research and/or coursework programmes.

The application process for individual scholarships varies: an application form may be necessary, a nomination required in others, and some are integrated within the TISC process. Details for each scholarship are provided in its website entry.

What can I apply for? Girl at a keyboard

Information if you're not sure what scholarship is right for you, what is required, and when.

Application guidelines Close shot of clipboard

A step-by-step breakdown of the application and everything you need to include.

John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship Prime Minister John Curtin

Curtin University's most prestigious scholarship, for students who reflect the qualities of John Curtin, one of Australia's great Prime Ministers.

Commonwealth and Centrelink scholarships Woman smiling with papers

Everything you need to know about Scholarships supported by Centrelink and government initiatives.

Exchange for Curtin students/travel during degree Girl walking past a european building

The University supports students financially through a variety of grants and scholarships and through the provision of OS-HELP.