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Certification of documents

Undergraduate Scholarships



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This page provides you with detailed information regarding document certification for the purposes of applying for scholarships at Curtin University.

What is a certified document?

A certified document is a photocopy taken of an original document that is then examined and signed by an authorised officer as a true representation of the original.

Why is a certified document necessary?

It is a University requirement that the documents students supply for scholarship applications are authentic in order to maintain the integrity of the University's records and processes. For this reason, certified copies are required for all documentation included in a scholarship application.

Please note: Do not hand in original documentation with your application as it will not be returned.

Who can certify a document?

The Scholarships Office are authorised to certify documents. Other approved certifiers available on campus are pharmacists, medical practitioners and optometrists. For the full list of authorised persons, please see below:

In Australia

Anyone who is currently employed as:

Outside Australia