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2018 Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship - Closed

2018 Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship is now closed.

Status: Closed
Applications open: CLOSED
Applications close: CLOSED

About this scholarship

Description/Applicant information

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarships are funded by the Australian Government and awarded to students of exceptional research potential undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) to assist with general living costs.

Applicants will submit a complete scholarship application, as well as provide supporting evidence against the competitive scholarship scoring selection criteria.  If the supporting evidence is not written in English, provide both the original and an English translation.  These requirements must be met, with no exception, no later than 11.59pm (AWST) on Thursday, 21 September 2017.

Curtin Research Scholarship Self-Assessment:  Research Scholarships, Graduate Research School strongly encourages candidates to undertake a self-assessment of their potential scholarship competitiveness, before commencing any application process.  The Curtin Research Scholarship Self-Assessment webpage is available at :

Based on your given answers, you will be provided with a summary and an approximation of how likely you are to be awarded a research scholarship during any competitive scholarship round.   The recommendation provided is for information purposes only.  Your scholarship application may be further improved based on supporting evidence of your research output, research experience and research potential.



Student type
  • Current Students
  • Future Students
  • Health Sciences
  • Science & Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • Faculty of Business and Law
Course type
  • Postgraduate Research

Non-gender specific

  • New Zealand Citizen
  • International students
  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa
  • Australian Citizen
Scholarship base
  • Merit Based

Curtin University will administer to each Recipient an annual stipend equivalent to the base full-time RTP Stipend rate published by the Department of Education and Training (DET) for the relevant year of award.  The 2018 annual stipend amount for a full-time student is currently set at $27,082.00 (tax free) and is indexed annually.

Tuition Fee Offset Scholarship
International applicants awarded an RTP Stipend Scholarship will be provided a Curtin-funded tuition fee offset scholarship to assist with tuition fee liability. 

Period of Support
Recipients are entitled to three years full-time equivalent study if undertaking an eligible Research Doctorate and a maximum of two years full-time equivalent study if undertaking a Masters by Research.   The duration of the Scholarship will be reduced by any period of study undertaken towards the degree prior to the commencement of the Scholarship.

Conditions of Award
Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the scholarship's Conditions of Award (COA), which detail relevant terms, conditions and allowances.  The COA is found under the Research Scholarships section at:

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an Australian Government RTP Stipend Scholarship, an applicant must:

  1. Be a student, Domestic or International, awarded an Australian Government RTP Stipend Scholarship (“Scholarship”) as result of a competitive selection process;
  2. Satisfy all academic entry requirements for a Masters by Research or a Research Doctorate, including the English proficiency levels set by Curtin University;
  3. Be undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at Curtin University; and
  4. Not be receiving income from another source to support their general living costs while undertaking their course of study if that income is greater than 75 per cent of their RTP Stipend rate. Income unrelated to the Recipient’s course of study or income received for the Recipient’s course of study but not for the purposes of supporting general living costs is not to be taken into account.

Competitive Scholarship Scoring Selection Criteria

To be considered in the scoring process, applicants will meet without concession, all relevant course entry requirements, including English language competency requirements, for entry to their nominated HDR course.  Research degree English language requirements are detailed on:

Applicants will be assessed against the following metrics:

  1. Basis of admission;
  2. Academic qualifications;
  3. Achievement of candidacy;
  4. Work-related research experience;
  5. Academic accomplishments;
  6. Research and creative outputs of demonstrable quality; and
  7. Referee reports.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, to take up this scholarship, applicants must be able to commence their scholarship in Research Term 1, 2018 (1 January 2018 – 30 June 2018) as a full-time internal student.

Supporting Evidence

Research and Creative Outputs

Please list and number consecutively papers published, papers in press or finally accepted for publication in refereed journals over the last five years.  The listing must indicate titles of papers, sequence of authors as shown in the paper, first and last page numbers, name, volume and date of journal and, for recent papers not yet published, a copy of the notification of acceptance by the journal’s editor is required.  Please do not include papers submitted for publication but not yet accepted, or conference proceedings, abstracts or papers in this section unless these were published in a refereed journal.

Referee Reports

Referee reports are confidential and cannot be viewed by the applicant. Please ensure you forward the Curtin Referee Report template to your nominated referees.  Referee reports must be from two academic supervisors, lecturers, course conveners or workplace managers who should be familiar with the applicant’s recent academic and/or work performance and abilities.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure their referees complete and submit the reports directly to Research Scholarships:

How to apply

Application process

Please follow one of the below two scholarship application processes based on your current enrolment status:

1. CURTIN APPLY NOW! eApplication process

Interested applicants who have not yet applied for course admission may submit an online e-application for course admission and a scholarship via:

Important note to applicant's applying through Curtin eApplications:

Applicants who commenced and had an active, pending course application on Curtin eApplication via APPLY NOW! prior to this scholarship opening date: Wednesday, 28 June 2017, and have subsequently submitted this application after the open date, will be required to complete a hard copy scholarship application form (see process no.2) in order to be considered for a scholarship.

2.  Hardcopy Scholarship Application form process:

Applicants must use the attached hard copy scholarship application form if their situation falls into one of the following circumstances:

  1. You are currently enrolled at Curtin and fit into the guidelines under 'Eligibility criteria'.
  2. You have already received an offer of course admission at Curtin University for Research Term 1, 2018, and are yet to commence study.
  3. You have already received an offer of course admission however, the course offer is not for Research Term 1, 2018 -  in this instance, please contact either Graduate Research School - Future (Domestic Students only) or Curtin International (International Students only) in order to request to defer your course offer of admission to Research Term 1, 2018.   Only once you have been advised your course offer is officially deferred to Research Term 1, 2018  you may then use this hard copy application form.  If the deferral is not approved, you must re-apply for course admission and a scholarship via the link above.
  4. You commenced and had a pending application on Curtin eApplication via APPLY NOW! prior to the scholarship opening date: Wednesday, 28 June 2017.

All hard copy scholarship application forms as well as all relevant supporting documentation must be emailed to GRS - Research Scholarships:

Supporting documentation to be submitted  with either the online eApplication or hard-copy application form

1. Research Proposal

 Your research proposal should be no more than 500 words (approximately 2 pages), must be clear and concisely written and must define the following critical information:

  • Area of research (state the Faculty/School/Department in which your course of study lies)
  • Clear statement of your research topic
  • Brief overview of previous relevant research
  • Objectives of the program of research and investigation
  • Research methods and plan including references to key literature sources
  • Proposed Principal Supervisor/s or the academic you’ve had preliminary discussions with

2. Curriculum Vitae

Where applicable, please ensure you include an employment record / CV / reference and letter from your current or past employer/s confirming your position and length of employment.

Need more information?


For all enquiries regarding your course admission, please contact the Graduate Research School - Future Students at:

For all scholarship enquiries please contact GRS - Research Scholarships at:

Further information

Additional Curtin University funded HDR financial assistance

Once candidacy is achieved, Curtin HDR students may access support towards the cost of research consumables and conference/research related travel.

The current consumable allowance is $2,000 per EFTSL* for laboratory based (high cost) research and $1,400 per year for non-laboratory based (low cost) research.  This sum is pro-rated for part-time students.

Guidelines for Student consumables can be found under "Essential Facilities" at:

* EFTSL = Equivalent Full Time Study Load

Curtin RTP Scholarship procedures

Curtin University English Language requirements

Curtin Research Scholarship Forms and Templates

  • Curriculim Vitae template
  • Referee Report template
  • Guidelines for Research Proposal

All relevant Research Scholarship forms are available at:

Research Scholarships Conditions of Award (see section on Research Scholarships)

Curtin Research Scholarship Self-Assessment:

Research Scholarships, Graduate Research School strongly encourages candidates to undertake a self-assessment of their potential scholarship competitiveness, before commencing any application process.  The Curtin Research Scholarship Self-Assessment webpage is available at :

Need help?

There is plenty of useful information on the Application Guidelines page. Some other useful tools are:

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